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Dr. Rabeh Morrar

An-Najah National University
*email address protected*

United Kingdom


Rabeh Morrar was born in Jerusalem, Palestine, in 1981. He received the B.A degree in Mathematical Applied to Economics from Birzeit University, Palestine, in 2003, and the M.A. in Economics from Birzeit University, Palestine, 2006, and Ph.D. degree in Innovation Economy from Lille 1 University for Science and Technology, Lille, France. In 2011, he joined the Department of Economic, An-Najah National University, Palestine, as an assistant professor in Economics, and in 2011 became the head of Economic Department until 2016. His current research interests include Innovation Networks, Knowledge-based Economy, Economic Development in Developing Countries, Labor Economy, and Service Economy. Dr. Rabeh is a Fellow of the Economic research Forum (ERF), Turkish Economic Research Forum, American Economic Association (AEA), Middle East Economic Association (MEEA), and European Association for Research in Services (RESER). He is a member of the Advisory Committee of Economic statistics, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), the Palestinian National Committee of Trade in Services, the National Team for Developing National Export Strategy, Business Innovation and Partnership Centre in Palestine, ESCWA team for ICT and innovation, and National team for Public Procurement Capacity Building Strategy. He was the recipient of the Zamaleh Research Grant, 2014; HERMES research Grant, 2015; Peace I Research Grant, 2016; and Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) Research Grant 2017. Since 2011, Rabeh has published more than 15 scientific papers, reports and policy papers in different disciplines related to Innovation Economics, Palestinian Economic, Trade and Service Economy.Since May 2018, Rabeh started 1 year research visit to Northumbria university in UK about Triple Helix model in social innovation.

Areas of interests in TH research

TH and knowledge economy, TH in developing countries, TH and industry 4.0

Areas of competence and expertise in TH research

I finished my PhD in 2011 in France about HM in service sector in France, after that I have implemented some projects in this field focusing on developing countries.

Main works and publications

Short CV