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Nanjing University
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Mr. Charles Tao is PhD student in Higher Education from Nanjing University, one of Top 10 Universities in China. Before join in Nanjing University, Mr. Tao is the President and CEO of America Asia Intelligence and Education Institute. Mr. Tao was awarded his MBA degree in 2000 and American CMA designation in 2008. Mr. Tao has more than twenty five years of professional education, accounting and tax experience. He focuses most of the time on promoting effective international education, accounting, tax advice and planning tailored to his unique clients across Canada, USA and China. Before setting up his own consultancy firm, Mr. Tao worked as staff accountant, senior financial analyst, senior tax specialist and financial controller for various Fortune 500 companies including ARCO、BP、Kraft and Mylan. He also built up a career online training platform helping people find jobs. Aside from his rich education, accounting and tax practice, Mr. Tao is also actively involved in non-profit enterprise. He founded the Sino-Can Investment Association, focusing on innovation and relationship in order to build and maintain trust with investors, partners and members.

Areas of interests in TH research

Triple Helix Model, Entrepreneurship Education, Innovation Ecosystem, Knowledge Production Model 3

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