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Dr. Lorena Affatato

National Research Council - IPCB
*email address protected*



Lorena Affatato was born in Naples on 11 March 1977. In 2002 she received the degree in Political Science at University “Federico II” of Naples and in 2003 she received the Master for Experts in the development of Innovation and Technology Transfer (M.And.D.The.T.T.) . ATI Parks Master Innovation. In 2017 she received the certificate of Project Management from Institute of PM in Rome. Career history: Collaborator at Innovation & Networking area of Scientific and tecnological park of Salerno and the inner parts of Campania Region S.C.p.A., for Management, assistance and coordination of projects personally realized and financed in regional and European field. Actually she is scientific coordinator of a Technology Transfer Office at IPCB CNR and contact of CNR Pozzuoli - Naples area 3 for support technology service for technological innovation, European Projects, and territories relationships. Main research activities: She promotes and carry on research activities, in pursuit of excellence and strategic relevance within the national and international ambit, in the frame of European cooperation and integration. Her activity is concentrate on the valorization, the pre-competitive development and the technological transfer of research results. Moreover, she promotes the collaboration in the scientific and technological field, and in the technical regulations field, with organizations and institutions of other Countries, and with supranational organizations in the frame of extra-governmental agreements. Author of several papers published on international, national and local scientific journal.

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