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Petroleum Technology Development Fund Nigeria
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I am a Project and program management practitioner, supply chain professional and gas transmission Engineer . I have 19 years’ work experience spanning manufacturing, oil and gas and strategy consulting. I currently work at the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), Abuja as Chief Program Officer, Gas Division. My current role includes initiating partnerships with the industry and academia towards the development of a training and innovation hub at the newly built PTDF Centre for Skills Development and Training (CSDT) in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria ( I am using the Triple Helix Model as a guide). I am a graduate of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology. I also Obtained an MSc in Operations and Business Management from the Glasgow Caledonian University, UK. I am a strong supporter of professional causes with the goal of enhancing the skills and knowledge of the present and younger generations. I am Director of the Society of Petroleum Engineers International (SPEI) and sit on the Board of Nigerian Association for Energy Economics (NAEE). I am also an active member of other professional organisations with interests in energy, project management, manufacturing, and sustainable development. I am is a strong believer in charitable causes for the promotion of better human capacity and living. An avid reader, innovation enthusiast and mentor of young people, I am married with 3 children.

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