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Oluwatosin Samuel DADA

Dr. Oluwatosin Samuel DADA

University of Abidjan (UNIABIDJAN), Côte d'Ivoire.
*email address protected*

Côte d'Ivoire


Dr. Oluwatosin Samuel DADA is the Academic Director and Head, Inter-Institutional Partnership & Collaboration at the University of Abidjan (UNIABIDJAN), a private bilingual (French-English) Institution in Côte d'Ivoire. He is a passionate teacher and administrator. He consulted for the African Development Bank (AfDB) in training the management staff in order to build capacity and enhance proficiency in the two main official languages used for business in the Bank (French and English). He is also the Country Head of 1 Million Teachers, a reward-based teachers transformational training to become a life-long learners, based in Canada. He holds a Ph.D in Strategic Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Governance and is currently working on another Ph.D in Sociolinguistics and Applied Linguistics in French Language. He is also a translator and Interpreter (French-English-French).

Areas of interests in TH research

University-Industry Partnerships, Entrepreneurial Universities and Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Areas of competence and expertise in TH research

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation

Main works and publications

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