Entrepreneurial University Metrics capitalized: new project financed in Brazil!

The research project called “Proposition and validation of Entrepreneurial University indicators” that seeks to create an indicators system to evaluate entrepreneurial activities at Brazilian universities and to validate this system in some selected universities, was approved by Foundation for Supporting Research in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This research project will be conducted in parallel with an international study about “Entrepreneurial University Metrics” organized by the Triple Helix Association that will pool together researchers from developed and developing countries to 1) increase the knowledge about the theoretical concept; 2) define indicators to evaluate entrepreneurial performance; 3) develop cases studies to compare different experiences.

The Brazilian team include researchers from four universities: Mariza Almeida, Simone Alencar and Cladice Diniz (UNIRIO), Adelaide Antunes (UFRJ), Ary Plonski (USP) and Branca Terra (UERJ).

For more infomation please contact Mariza Almeida *email address protected*