A CALL FOR MEMBERSHIP to policy shapers and policy makers in the public sector

During the last 30 years, world societies have undergone profound transformation because of sweeping new technologies that had compelling effects on peoples’ lives. In addition, all kinds of innovations have changed the way we live and work but also the ways we conceive, design and produce goods and services and the ways we grow the world economies. Innovation is the single most important powerful driver for this transformation which transcends the technological paradigm and extends to societal, cultural and economic objectives. Innovation is everywhere and is accelerating. It is driven globally by creative companies, young startups, but also socially conscious non-profit foundations that stimulate new ways of progressive thinking.

However innovation is not a privilege of the private sector. Time and again it has been proven through academic research that the public sector plays a pivotal role in stimulating, financing and creating innovation. Its role is so important, that has been described as really pivotal by leading academics. Public sector initiatives worldwide have strengthened policy and produced new knowledge, but have also (and more importantly) given birth to successful place-based initiatives for regional development, spurring innovation, growth and jobs. In this endeavour, policy shapers and policy makers have been immensely more successful when cooperating with (and involving) the other constituents of the Triple Helix: universities and the business community.

This is why the international Triple Helix Association issues a special Call for Membership for Policy Shapers and Policy Makers, worldwide.

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Our offer to join the THA: your exclusive welcome package includes a 6 month free membership trial to test our services and discover our like-minded community.

After the free trial period a special offer for a 3 years membership subscription fee with a 30% discount will apply. 


For more information and for requesting the 6 month free trial:

Ms Maria Laura Fornaci, Executive Director, *email address protected*