Announcing Prof. Etzkowitz resignation from the THA Presidency

After celebrating his 80 years birthday, Prof. Henry Etzkowitz, the founder of the THA and Triple Helix model’s co-creator,  decided to retire from his THA President position.
The Executive Committee members, on behalf of the THA Community, express their great appreciation to Prof. Etzkowitz for all his efforts in setting up the Association and for his outstanding leadership over  the past 12 years.
However, Prof. Etzkowitz, as one of the Founding Presidents of the THA, will continue to lead the Triple Helix Journal as Editor in Chief.

As foreseen by THA bylaws, Prof. Emanuela Todeva, Vice President of the THA, will act as Acting President until the arrival of a new one.

The President elections will take place by the end of 2021. Further information on procedures and call for candidates will be provided in the coming weeks.

The Executive Committee wishes Prof. Etzkowitz  the best in his new endeavours.