Annual Greetings 2018

Dear THA Members,

Before presenting the 2017 achievements, we would like to thank all those who have worked for our Association and contributed to make this happens – the THA Board , the Chair of the THA Committees and THA services. We would like to acknowledge the special contribution of  the THA Meetings scientific liaisons for 2017 , Prof Emanuela Todeva (also Chair of the THA Organizational Research & Meeting Scientific Committee)  and Prof. Mariza Almeida, who secured the success of this year Summit and Conference, and the Chair of the Meeting Committee, Prof. Tariq Durrani for his commitment in developing the Meetings pipeline;   Helice Magazine editors, Devrim Goktepe Hulten, Sheila  Forbes  and Branca Terra, as well as Christiane Gebhardt, Chair of the THA Publications Committee, for their continuous efforts along our publishing activities; Prof. Panayiotis Ketikidis and Mr Dimitri Corpakis, the Chairs of our Webinar series who offered a stimulating agenda for our 2017 web events; Prof. Yuzhuo Cai and Dr Rhiannon Pugh responsible for the reshaping of our Working Paper Series into the new Spiral service; the Thematic Research Group Chairs and co-Chairs; Mr Lucas Coelho who led the set-up and development  of the TH Talks; The THA Chapters leaders responsible of wide-spreading the THA model and theory  at local level;  and all those who have competed for and won grants;  and especially those individuals and groups who are contributing to the growth of our community through their work.

Finally a special thanks to our Executive Director, Mrs Maria Laura Fornaci, Mrs Anne Rocha Perazzo, Managing Editor, THJ and the THA staff and volunteers who have out done themselves this year.

Membership. Whilst our  membership  base has not grown in numerical terms from the previous year we registered a higher engagement of members in THA activities and  consequently a higher retention of paid members . More should still be done to boost THA affiliation and we rely on your contribution to widely promote the THA among your personal networks. We are especially seeking a few special Platinum members in support of our Journal.

THA Meetings. In 2017 the new meeting model was deployed and we had our first TH Summit, hosted by IChoose-life in Nairobi, Kenya, around the Theme ““Accelerating attainment of Sustainable Development Goals through ICT &Data”. The 3-days Summit proposed the use of a Quadra Helix approach that incorporates the Governments, the private sector, Civil Society and the Academia. The TH Conference 2017, hosted by Asialic, in Deagu, South Korea with the theme “The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Design Thinking, and the Triple Helix” was a very successful conference with a highly reflective participants, many fruitful discussions that were aiming at the future of research and the role of research in societies. The conference was linked to the important fair in Daegu, ICT Convergence Expo Korea 2017, that introduced ICT products and smart systems.
We are already working on the 2018 Meetings and we invite you to join us at the TH Conference 2018 in Manchester on 5-8 September on the Theme „Triple Helix and beyond – a new era“!
The call for contribution is already available at

The Triple Helix Journal is in its fourth edition, regularly publishing high-quality empirical and theoretical articles on the Triple Helix and other innovation issues, as individual submissions and as part of special issues or topical collections. Several “topicals” are currently under way, including  Individuals in the Triple Helix (edited by Rhiannon Pugh and Yuzhuo Cai), Measuring Triple Helix Synergies and Innovation Using Scientometrics, Technometrics, Informetrics, Webometrics and Altmetrics Data (edited by Han Woo Park) and Innovation Cooperation Between Large and Small Firms (edited by Anika Steiber and Sverke Alange). THJ operates with a pre- review process to assist authors, before sending selected candidates for peer review. The  publishing model of the journal is Open Access with APCs, however funding for APCs can be obtained from different sources, as for example funding programmes at Springer or authors’ home institution.

The Journal is performing well. Our Publisher Springer reports 22.464 full text articles  downloads in mid-2017. THJ has received since 2014, 82 articles, out of which 46 accepted, with an acceptance rate of 56%. Authors come from all over the world with 50% contributors from Europe and North America, and the remaining 50% mainly from Asia-Pacific.

THA Chapters are growing in numbers and in 2017 we approved the set-up of 2 new Chapters respectively in Kazakhstan, hosted by Turan University,  and in Brazil, organized by a group of researchers/THA members who have been working with Triple Helix for several years. We would like to congratulate the new Chapter leaders and invite the new and old ones to renew their efforts in generating and wide spreading at local level new TH knowledge and practices, and to attract new members to our like-minded Community.

Our Webinar series  mobilized in 2017 about 90 members, existing and new ones, around 3 different titles related to the theme of Regional Innovation and Industry4.0. A very qualified and high profile group of presenters have been involved in the delivery of the 2017 Webinars and this was appreciated by our Community and confirmed by the higher number (compared to the previous year)  of registrations received.

The THA Thematic Research group initiative launched in 2015 is now developing  and counts on 6 TRGs managed by 2 appointed conveners each, which actively contributed to both to the Webinar series and Meetings agendas.

The TH Talks series, launched at the end of 2016 is now at regime and we collected 8 video-interviews from our  THA Champions. The series is open to all the members contributions!  If you are looking for a showcase for your TH latest achievements, contact the Chair of the TH Talk, Lucas Coelho.

Last but not least, this year we have re-shaped the Working Paper Series and morphed it into the new Spiral service,  an open innovation platform for exchanging and growing research ideas, as well as expanding research collaboration. It aims to connect the Triple Helix community and provide a forum for discussion and building new projects and ideas. Spiral welcomes your research ideas!

In 2017 the THA has also successfully engaged in the European Funding framework and is currently involved  in the Horizon 2020 project FIT4RRI with a methodological and dissemination supporting role. More proposals are in the pipeline and we expect to be more and more active in this framework in order to open up development opportunities for our members.

We also wish to mention special initiatives, like the Entrepreneurial University Metrics Project (GEUM), that has been developed since 2015 by several teams from different countries with the objective to create indicators that can measure the entrepreneurial activities inside the universities considering that the actual ranking systems only provide indicators for teaching and research activities. This initiative is our first project developed inside our association. The III GEUM workshop in Palo Alto organized by the International Triple Helix Institute was an opportunity to bring together all the national teams to discuss the development of the research.

We strongly believe in a bottom up approach, since our Association born to be a platform to support and exploit  members’ research,  initiatives and projects. So we look forward to receive your proposals for 2018! Please send your ideas to us.

Finally, may we propose that each member nominate two individuals and or organisations, with a commitment to theory and practice of Innovation, for membership. Please send nominations to:

After a very turbulent period, THA operations achieved in 2017 a certain level of stability thanks to the efforts put in scaling up our Meeting model and in developing the participation to Public funded initiatives. Nonetheless additional efforts should be still devoted to achieve a full financial feasibility in order to have enough resources to plan for a more ambitious growth of THA activities and outreach.

This will be the main challenge to be faced in 2018 by the new elected THA Board which will take office from the 1st January 2018. Congratulations to the candidates just elected.

Our best wishes to the new THA board and all our Membership constituency for a productive new year!

Henry, Mariza & Maria Laura


Prof. Henry Etzkowitz, THA President

Prof. Mariza Almeida, THA Vice-President

Mrs Maria Laura Fornaci, THA Executive Director