Bologna will host the III International Triple Helix Summit on 24-26 November 2020

We are proud to announce that the THA has signed the agreement with Noema (PCO) and  University of Bologna  (Scientific coordinator)  to host the III International Triple Helix Summit 2020 in Bologna, having as local partners Emilia Romagna Region and ART-ER.

The 2020 Summit will focus on the theme “Designing globally connected regional innovation ecosystems: overcoming barriers and opening pathways“.

New technological trends have significantly accelerated changes in the economy and society at a pace we have never experienced so far. The convergence of much higher computing speed and power, together with the digitalization of vast amount of data is transforming existing businesses and practices and creating completely new ones.

Yet, feeding an ever-increasing population in a healthy and sustainable way, providing the energy needed to propel the daily life of billions of people, generating the resources needed to guarantee equitable growth for everyone are world grand challenges that need to be tackled on a global scale.

This can’t be done in isolation. We need new models of cooperation where Government, Industry and Academia move cross borders to join forces, steering the opportunities and reducing the hurdles in the right direction for our society at large.

Join us in Bologna at the 2020 Triple Helix Summit, where global leaders from academia, industry and policy will discuss how to build and grow regional innovative ecosystems to tackle world grand challenges.





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