Congratulations to the new THA elected Board!

After one month devoted to the online collection of votes from our Membership base  we are please to share with our Community  the elections results!

113 members were invited to take part to online voting session, among those 78 casted their vote.

Thank you very much for actively contributing to this important decision making phase!

The list of the elected candidates and the number of votes received by each of them, are presented below:

Henry Etzkowitz, (votes: 69)
Mariza Almeida, (votes: 42)
Emanuela Todeva, (votes: 36)
Board members
Christiane Gebhardt, (votes: 47)
Yuzhuo Cai, (votes: 42)
Marcelo Gongalves do Amaral, (votes: 40)
Liana Kobzeva, (votes: 36)
Juan Antonio Bertolin, (votes: 35)
Panayiotis Ketikidis, (votes: 34)
Maria Augusta Mancini, (votes: 62)
Scott Billadeau, (votes: 59)


The new elected board will officially enter into office from 1st January 2018.

Congratulations  to the new THA elected Board and thanks to all the candidates who run for this election!

For more information on the election results, to have access to the list of voters and full ranking of the candidates, write to Mrs Maria Laura Fornaci