You are invited to contribute to a Study on Triple Helix innovation to address the Covid-19 pandemic

The focus of the study is to identify the multiple response patterns to the Covid-19 pandemic and understand weaknesses, strengths and challenges for countries and their innovation systems, drawing on political, social and economic dimensions. We aim to develop a comparative analysis at country level combining the survey results, expert focus groups, AI-enabled technologies and scenario building modelling techniques.

The study aims to test a working hypothesis that a greater interlinkage and cooperation among the constituent parts of the Triple Helix (University, Industry, and Government to which we would add the Civil Society) may greatly increase resilience and capacity of effective response of societies in addressing major crises like the Covid19 global pandemic.

The study on the emergence, evolution and impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic draws on several dimensions. It tries to identify the multiple patterns through which governments, academia and business communities reacted to the evolving threat, the ways these reactions were structured, their quality and resilience, as well as their relevance for society. It is also intended to capture as much as possible, the socio-economic aspects of the crisis, including the major dimension of trust (in science, experts, governments and political leaders) and how this impacts in positive or negative terms on the evolution of the overall situation.

In this context, reflecting the triple helix interactions, we are seeking your inputs.

Please take a few minutes to take the online survey (Spanish version available here) until 22th June 2020


Many thanks in advance for your contribution!

Triple Helix Association, April 2020