Free APC for excellent papers to be published in the Triple Helix Journal

The THA intends to provide financial support to cover part or all of the APC costs for a selected number of excellent papers by Authors from our wider Community interested in publishing their work in the Triple Helix Journal.

Interested authors are invited to check first the existing funding and open access membership program  by Springer Nature to determine whether they fall in any of them and to what extend the APC costs might be covered by such funding/program.

They can then send their work to the Managing editor of the Journal Anna Rocha Perazzo applying for financial support either to match the Springer funding (specifying the exact amount of the requested matching funds) or to fully cover the APCs for publication.

The editorial board of the Journal will review the articles received  and make a final selection of  those papers considered eligible for  financial support.

Authors will be informed of the decision and  invited to submit their article through the Journal online submission system.

For more information:

 Triple Helix Journal 

APC costs and funding

Submission guidelines