Free APC for excellent papers to be published in the Triple Helix Journal

The Triple Helix Association will partly refund the APC costs for accepted articles to appear in the Triple Helix Journal,  for a selected number of excellent papers by Authors from our THA memebrship base.

During the submission process of their articles on the journal website, when reaching the APC pop up window, authors should first apply for funding from their home instution/university funding programme (see or from Springer publishing programme (see

Upon acceptance of their articles after peer-reviewing and eventual revision, they will be able to apply for a partial refund of the remaining costs. Authors should send their requests for refund to the Managing editor of the journal, Anne Rocha Perazzo, The refund will be processed upon presentation of a paid invoice from Springer.

We remind that just THA paid members could be eligible for the partial refund from the THA.


For more information:

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