The Greek Chapter on Media!

Prof Ketikidis was featured in the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce issue “Business Partners Online” as thought leader on Triple Helix Interactions in Greece . This issue oversees thought leaders, who offer ideas and proposals on developing new partnerships between the private sector and Greece’s education institutions, creating a smart, dynamic, and effective growth model.

Prof Ketikidis, president of the THA Chapter of Greece, mentioned that: “The THA Chapter in Greece intends to promote interaction between universities, firms and government by supporting the international exchange of scholars, by educating scholars in THA’s mission, by organizing international symposia and assisting the education of students, scholars and practitioners, and by providing a common framework for triple helix actors to engage in the regional development of Greece through boosting innovation capacity, encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship and through building knowledge by fighting the national brain drain”.

You can also find the magazine in our  Media page.