International forum “University contribution to innovation and entrepreneurship development”

The Triple Helix Association Chapter Kazakhstan invites academic and business professionals, experts, governmental, non-governmental organizations, and students to attend an international forum dedicated to the Triple Helix concept agenda.


The Forum will be held on 14-15 June 2019 at Turan University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.




  1. Plenary Session
  • The Kazakhstan model for business-power-university cooperation.
  • Mainstreaming entrepreneurial initiatives in education: creating the hub of entrepreneurial initiatives in education.
  • International experience of developing Triple Helix cooperation.
  • Vectors of students’ entrepreneurship in universities.


  1. Thematic Sessions
  • Round table: “Challenges for universities on the way to integration with industrial sector”.
  • Seminar: “Practical issues of developing innovation and entrepreneurship educational programs. Effective methods of teaching entrepreneurship”.
  • Panel discussion: “The issues of developing university business projects and effective solutions”.
  • Master classes and trainings of successful businessmen.



Participants are encouraged to prepare reports on thematic issues outlined on the agenda which will be published in a post-forum electronic collection of articles.  The best works will be recommended for publication in THA Journal and Helice Magazine after peer-reviewing.  More details in Appendix I.


ONLINE REGISTRATION for participation and article submission is at the official website of the THA Chapter Kazakhstan – www.triplehelix.kzThe deadline is 10th June, 2019.


The THA Chapter Kazakhstan does not charge any fee for conference participation or article submission.  However, participants are expected to take full responsibility for travel expenses and accommodation.


 THA Chapter Kazakhstan Forum Coordinator:

Ms Olga Sudibor ,

tel.: +7 7272 604023, mobile: +7 777 36 599 34 





Submission requirements

Articles should be 2500-3000 words in length, prepared in Microsoft Word; font Times New Roman; line spacing 1,0; size 14; paragraph indent 1,25 cm; margins: left 3 cm, right 1 cm, top and bottom 2 cm.  Material should be submitted in electronic form.  The text should be typed in WINWORD XP or *. RTF (Reach text format).

Please type UDC in the top left corner.  In the top right corner state your full name, academic title, and workplace.  In the middle of the page, type the title of the article in capital letters.  Keywords go below the title and are italicized (7-9 words).

Next is the full text of the article. There may be a maximum of two Word tables, no more than two pictures (Word, group).  For equations use only the Microsoft Equation editor.

In square brackets provide references; place the list of references at the end of the document, adhere to APA style requirements.  After the list of references, write a brief summary – abstract – of the article (4-6 sentences).

At the end of the article, please state your full name, return address, office and/or mobile telephones, and e-mail.

The boldface, italics, and underlined type should not be used in the main text of the article.




Contact person: Ms Viktoria Luskalova

+7 7272 604017, +7 747 7086224