THA President elections 2021 – Call for candidates

Who we are

The Triple Helix concept was initiated in the 1990s by Professors Henry Etzkowitz and Loet Leydesdorff, who analysed a shift from a predominant industry-government dyad in an Industrial Society to a triadic university-industry-government relationship (Triple Helix) in the Knowledge Society. This model presents an opportunity to achieve innovation outcomes for the socio-economic good through collaboration with multi-stakeholders within academia, industry and government.

The Triple Helix movement began in 1996 with the first International Conference in Amsterdam. Bi-annual conferences occurred since then exploring ongoing scientific research on the relationship of science, industry and government and their role in creating conditions for future innovation; cognitive, economic, social and cultural aspects of innovation; emerging models for the entrepreneurial university and more.

This led to the establishment of the Triple Helix Association (THA)  a non-for-profit, non-governmental association with scientific purpose and a global reach.

Its main scope is to advance scientific knowledge and practical achievements related to all aspects of the interaction between academia-industry-government (Triple Helix) for fostering research, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable growth and societal, environmental and economic value.

THA activities range from the development and debate around top class scientific studies, by means of conferences, summits and awards; networking among both leading education & research institutions and stakeholders to foster a wide dissemination and uptake of  scientific findings by means of publications, academic journals and co-operation projects;  support in translating academic models into practical achievements by enhancing capacity building of students, researchers and practitioners.

The Association is now organizing the election process for a new President, who will take the leadership role in her/his professional capacity, advancing the values of sustainable interactions between University-Industry and Government, and bridging across academics, practitioners, policy makers, government agencies, social entrepreneurs and community leaders.

We trust that our future President will be a visionary and a strategist with international visibility and the ambition to lead the THA in addressing global challenges while taking stock of the contributions by academics and practitioners working with the Triple Helix concept. We expect that under the leadership of the new President the Triple Helix professional community will strengthen its concepts, reach out for new networks and embrace a diversity of stakeholders and drivers for change.

As foreseen in our statute, we are launching this open call to invite members of the Association to propose their candidatures for our next President. We trust that within our ranks we will identify the Second Generation Triple Helix leaders and some of them will take this opportunity and, working along with the members of the Executive Committee, will chart the future direction for our professional network.

All eligible applications will be included for voting by our General Assembly, before the end of 2021. All members of the THA that have renewed their membership before 31 April 2021 are eligible as Candidates and all members that have a valid membership at the time of the election, will be eligible to vote.

The deadline for submission of candidatures is 31 May 2021.

Below are further details of the candidate profile that we believe will enable effective leadership of our professional association, and the list of responsibilities that the new president will undertake. We also include some details of what is expected from the new president in terms of personal and professional commitment.

Candidate profile

For the President position we are looking for high level professionals with either an academic or practitioner or civil servant profile with:

  • 1) International standing (i.e. current/previous leading roles in international research oriented organizations and/or HEIs with international reputation and/or professional networks)
  • 2) Managerial skills and business acumen (i.e. previous decision making roles in International associations or multi-stakeholder non for profit organizations and results achieved)
  • 3) Track record in theoretical aspects of Triple Helix and applied science research and/or practice (i.e. number and quality of publications / policy actions related to Triple Helix / Innovation ecosystems / Sustainability / Social and academic entrepreneurship / Science parks and Incubation / University-Industry interactions and Knowledge transfer / Responsible innovation, and/or Triple Helix projects executed at international level)


President Responsibility

The president serves on/chairs the Executive Committee. The president carries out his or her duties in collaboration with the Executive Committee and the Executive Director. These duties include three core responsibilities:

  • Set direction for the Association: in cooperation with the Executive Committee and the Executive Director, perform strategic thinking and planning, help set mission and vision, honour organizational values, promote positive public image, approve operational and annual plans
  • Ensure resources for the Association: in cooperation with the Executive Committee and the Executive Director, drive towards definition and implementation of the THA sustainability model, develop and propose strategic and operation plans by putting forward proposals and identifying new opportunities to be pursued; actively support the development of THA membership base; actively seek for subsidies and sponsorship for THA activities.
  • Provide oversight of the Association: oversee financial management, minimize exposure to risk, measure progress on strategic plan, monitor programs and services, provide ethical oversight, evaluate the Executive Director, and organize the General Assembly meetings on an annual basis.


How to Apply

Interested members wishing to be elected as President of the THA are required to submit an expression of interest (EOI) form to the THA via email to the Executive Director, Ms Maria Laura Fornaci (mlaura.fornaci (at) before the deadline (31 May 2021).

The Expressions of Interest should include the following:

Statement of Purpose

Please submit a brief statement elaborating your reasons for running for the Presidency including how your areas of expertise would benefit the activities of the Association. (Please limit your statement to up to 250 words.)

CV, Short bio and Compliance with the selection criteria

In your Expression of Interest, please, include:

  • current/previous leading roles in international research oriented organizations and/or HEIs with international reputation and/or professional networks)
  • previous decision-making roles in International associations or multi-stakeholder non for profit organizations and results achieved
  • list of publications /policy work related to Triple Helix and/or his/her professional context (programme design in an international organization).
  • description of Triple Helix-like projects executed at international level, including scope of the project, geographical area, actors involved, your role, duration of the project, results achieved

The deadline for completed Expression of Interest forms, accompanied by a CV is 31 May 2021.

After the 31th May, a Workshop with the Candidates will be organized by the Executive Committee, open to the General Assembly in order to give a chance to the candidates to present their vision for the future. In preparation for this workshop with the General Assembly, all candidates will be invited for a meeting with the Executive Committee

The online voting by the General Assembly will be scheduled in September 2021. Results are expected before the end of 2021.