THA signed the agreement for the II International TH Summit 2018 in Dubai

THA is delighted to announce the II International Triple Helix Summit will be organized in Dubai on 10-12 November 2018 on the theme “The Role of Government / Academia / Industry in building Innovation-based Cities and Nations”.

Innovation has gained fresh impetus recently in the global economy. While the nations are pacing towards innovative solutions, it is indispensable that Government-Academia-Industry­ join hands together to progress towards sustainable future. The Summit will focus on how the three key drivers’ collaboration stimulate effective generation and diffusion of new knowledge and technology required in today’s world.

Join us in the International Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in November this year to explore experienced-based best practices for the tripartite collaboration of knowledge, technology and innovation.

The Summit will be hosted by the British University of Dubai in cooperation with the University of Dubai and the American University of Ras Al Khaimah and Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government.

For more information, contact Mrs. Sangeeta Tewar