The Global Entrepreneurial University Metrics initiative (GEUM)

The GEUM initiative, initiated by the International Triple Helix Institute  (ITHI),  CWTS Leiden University and Psychology in the Public Interest Program, NC State, under the umbrella of Triple Helix Association, and kicked off during the Leiden Workshop supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) International program, held in 22-23th June 2015 in the Netherlands, aims at catalyzing the development of new metrics including entrepreneurship, gender and diversity and furtherance of the public interest in University ranking systems.
The initiative, which is led by Prof Henry Etzkowitz coordinated by Alexander Bikkulov  as Project Manager, and Dr. Chunyan Zhou, as Proposal Coordinator, begun with 6 country teams from Brazil, China,  Finland, The Netherlands, Russia, US and is currently being scaled up to 10 teams to the Leiden II workshop to be held in Silicon Valley 3-5th June 2016.

Please see info about the first successful proposal from the initiative “Entrepreneurial University Metrics capitalized: new project financed in Brazil!

Alexander Bikkulov
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