The Rector of the Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos gave his endorsment to the Perù Chapter

THA is delighted to receive the full endorsment from Dr Orestes Cachay Boza, Rector of the Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos, for the setting up of the Perù Chapter at the University premises.

Dr Boza delivered in early September  his endorsment letter to Eng. Fernan Munos Rodriguez, confirming the commitment of the University to promote the Triple Helix Model at national level and act as cathalyst of Triple Helix Interactions in the 24 Perù regions via their regional public Universities.

Eng. Fernan Munos Rodriguez, the future coordinator of the Chapter, will present the Perù Chapter mission and plans at the upcoming THC2019, Cape Town 9-11 September 2020, during the session “Opportunities and Challenges in Operationalizing the Triple Helix Model at Regional Level: the Experience of the Triple Helix Association Chapters”. The program of the THC2019  is available here