The THA COVID-19 international research project is taking off: be part of it!

About the project

The Triple Helix Association Research Project on the emergence, evolution and impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic draws on multiple dimensions. It tries to identify the multiple patterns through which governments, academia and business communities, individually and collectively, through their interactions, [Triple Helix Model] reacted to the evolving threat: the ways these actions were structured, their quality and resilience, as well as their relevance for society. It will try also to capture as much as possible, the social & health, economic, urban & environmental and governance aspects of the crisis and how this impacts, in positive or negative terms, the evolution of the overall situation.

Societal, cultural and economic approaches in confronting COVID-19 appear to vary in different parts of the world, as well the impact of similar measures implemented in diverse regions produce varying results. Therefore, this study will focus on the multiple response patterns by the triple helix agents during the timeline of the Covid-19 pandemic: (i)Pre-COVID; (ii) COVID and, (iii) Post- COVID.

The major project elements include:

  • Case studies identifying actions of triple helix’s actors:Who?, Why?, How? and When?,
  • A survey related to COVID-19 and the science andinnovation systems, to reflect the triple helix interactionsperspectives,§A comprehensive Covid-19 literature review,
  • Comparative analysis in European, Asian, and LatinAmerican societies,
  • Forums to disseminate the results.

The project impact is projected to include:

  • A set of policy recommendations in the light of lessonslearnt from the COVID-19 crisis response,
  • A scenario design of the effectiveness of key actors’actions (government, industry and academia) in relation tothe threats posed by the Covid-19 pandemic,
  • The build of resilience of the triple helix actors in thesocio-economic system and how these can be enhancedand replicated to encourage best practice the long term.

Download the one pager COVID19 research project presentation

If you are interested in joining the research team, send an email to:

Maria Laura Fornaci, mlaura.fornaci(at) and Claudia Olvera, claudia.olvera(at)