The Triple Helix Journal is now open to scientific essays

The Triple Helix Journal has broadened its purview to include scientific essays as well as scientific articles.

Scientific Essays which will focus on the conceptual framework: wide theoretical reconceptualization of a given domain or a sub-domain. SE are: articles that  do not present original empirical data or theoretical advancements but that outline the conceptual history and change in a given research tradition (à la Lakatos). In SE there are no new empirical data coming from experiments, survey or qualitative studies, nor theoretical advancements coming from simulations or deductive conceptual analyses. SE should be able to extrapolate historical conceptual pathways showing the change dynamics of a given research tradition (for example the change of behavioral economics from Simon to Kahneman to Gigerenzer or the change of economics of innovation from Schumpeter to Nelson & Winter to  David).  SE should be well focused on historical and conceptual analysis that must describe accurately the empirical data or the theoretical advancements that  justified the changes towards a new more advanced hypothesis.