Triple Helix International Virtual Summit 2020 Outcomes


The III International Triple Helix Summit, was 3 days of intense and insightful presentations and discussions.

Whilst our community would have loved to physically meet in Bologna, we had a very successful virtual meeting with high international participation and interactions and with extremely high level thematic contributions from our invited key note speakers, panelists, workshops presenters and scientific paper/practical case authors.

We are glad to provide you some preliminary statistics on the event:

5 key notes, 18 panels, 5 workshops, 11 Abstract presentation session for 41 papers and cases:

168 presentations  delivered over  3 days in plenary and parallel sessions

37 hours of video-recorded contents

352 registered delegates in Brella from 44 countries worldwide (45% Italy; 35% Europe-Italy excluded; 11% Asia; 8% Americas; 1% Africa/Oceania); and 70 one-to-one meetings and more than 550 chat messages.

Indeed a great success!

The video-recording of all the 3 days Summit session are available at this link 

And the Summit statistics and proceedings are availble from the Summit web site.


The Summit was jointly organized by Triple Helix association with the Department of Management of University of Bologna , ART-er  and Noema, to which we express our sincere appreciation for the commitment and hard work undertaken over the past two years to make the Summit possible despite the pandemic.



The Department of Management aims to increase and disseminate the managerial culture,

fostering innovation. It is a point of reference for teaching and research in the fields of Business

Economics, Economics of Financial Intermediaries, Economics and Business Management,

Business Finance, Engineering Management, Business Organisation and Commodity Sciences.


Attractiveness Research Territory is the Emilia-Romagna Joint Stock Consortium that was born

from the merger of ASTER and ERVET, with the purpose of fostering the region’s sustainable

growth by developing innovation and knowledge, attractiveness and internationalization of the region system.


Noema is a Professional Congress Organization that operates at both local and international level in the field of Events Management and public relations.