Elections 2013

Within 1st of December 2013 Triple Helix Association Board Members must be renewed and the General Assembly will be called to vote for the :

  • President
  • Two Vice-Presidents
  • Two Audit Members
  • Three Members of the executive committee

The three other members of the Executive Committee will be nominated by the Founding Members Committee and will not be object of vote by the General Assembly.

Only members who have paid their association fee within the terms stated by the Executive Committee ( i.e valid at the date of 30 September 2013 ) are members of the General Assembly and can vote.
Each member has one vote.
Organizations members count for one vote.
All the members allowed to vote will be contacted by mail by the Secretary General and will receive a form where they can state their vote declaration for each of the positions to be voted after having checked the statements of candidates to the several positions that they will receive and which could also be seen (here below) ( on tha website) (at the link ……)
The form must be then returned within 28th November 2013 to the Secretary General for checking and validation of expression of vote that will be made by an attorney.
The results of elections will be made public in the week 2nd-6th December 2013.
The positions will be filled according to the timing as per THA Statute.

Candidates for THA elections 2013

Voting forms are distributed to members only by e-mail and must be returned by e-mail to *email address protected* before 28th November 2013