The Triple Helix International Conference 2015 will be organized in Beijing (China) by Tsinghua University, on 21th-23th August, and will be the thirteenth in a series of annual conferences that began eighteen years ago, to enhance discussion about interaction between university, government, and industry, and its influence on economic development.

The conference theme will be: “Academic-Industry-Government Triple Helix Model for Fast-Developing Countries”. The main theme splits into several sub-themes as follows:

  • Advancing Triple Helix Theories.
  • Industrialization, Urbanization and Triple Helix Model.
  • Triple Helix for Sustainable Solutions.
  • Entrepreneurial University and Triple Helix’s Development.
  • University and Industry Relationships.
  • R&D, Innovation and High-tech Entrepreneurship.
  • Cooperative Innovation and the Triple Helix.
  • Triple Helix Model for different types of Innovation (Radical, Disruptive, Imitative, Frugal, Social Innovation, etc)
  • Government-Industry-Research Institute Collaborations.
  • Changing Role of Government in Innovation Systems
  • Public/Private Venture Capital.
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Policy.
  • Gender and Innovation.

Three important events will be held during the Conference:

1. Innovation Summit

An extended plenary session delivered by innovation masters. The inventors of various innovation theories such as national innovation system, knowledge innovation, open innovation, disruptive innovation, reserve innovation, responsible innovation, frugal innovation, and jagaad innovation, et al, will be invited.

2.Workshop on Next Rivals of Silicon Valley?

Practitioners, policy makers and academics from Bangalore, Beijing, Xinchu, Boston, et al, will discuss how to build a sound innovation ecosystem like Silicon Valley.

3. Entrepreneurial University Leaders Forum

Rectors, representatives, and researchers, will discuss the definition, metrics, relation between teaching, research and the economic role of the entrepreneurial university

An attractive social program will accompany the Conference:

  •  Site Visit: Zhongguancun High Tech Zone (3 hours).
  • Cultural activity: Chinese music performance at Tsinghua University.
  • Book Release in honour of Professor Henry Etzkowitz (edited by Alice Zhou and Jin Chen) and a book exhibition.


Download the TH13 Call for papers