Alexander Innovation Zone S.A.

Alexander Innovation Zone S.A.
Dioikitirio, 54123, Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Innovation Zone is a unique governmental initiative in SE Europe with the aim to concentrate a critical mass of innovative high tech enterprises in geographically defined areas (Pockets) in the metropolitan Thessaloniki area.
Alexander Innovation Zone S.A. is the managing organization responsible for the entire plan, development and realization of the initiative, supervised by the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace.

Why in Thessaloniki

The local business, research and policy community (triple helix) has concurred about the need for a new competitive development model, which will foster the adoption of research results and cutting edge technological developments in the production process.

The existing critical mass of specialized and high quality human capital (academics and researchers of top-notch institutions) could be a great asset for R&D departments of medium-sized and large enterprises or spin-offs in various sectors (agro-biotechnology, IT, Logistics, energy, nano-technology etc).

Its geographical and geopolitical significance (the main gateway port in SE Europe, border of EU and Middle East). With Th.I.Z., Thessaloniki has the potential to emerge as the first and most eminent innovation hub in South-Eastern Europe.