Fondazione ISTUD

Fondazione ISTUD per la cultura d’impresa e di gestione
Business School & Research Center. Private not for profit Foundation
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Tel. number +39 0323 933801

  • Training center & Headquarter: Strada Nazionale del Sempione Oltrefiume, 25 – 28831 Baveno (VB)
  • Offices: Piazza IV Novembre 7 Milan

Region: Lombardy
Country: Italy

Short Description of the organization

ISTUD Foundation is an independent business school that operates in Europe in the field of executive education, advanced lifelong learning and in the field of management research since 1970. From 2005 ISTUD has become a private no profit foundation that, acts as a ‘bridge’ between theory and practice, between academy and the world of professions. Its mission is to consolidate and spread a management culture based on corporate social responsibility, multiculturalism, professional upright and value production.

In the last years ISTUD has developed research and training initiatives linked to:

  • working life cycle (youths and labour market; aging; elder workers)
  • social role of companies & stakeholders engagement
  • business integrity; management & legality, anti corruption policies
  • green management, business innovation, entrepreneurship
  • health management and wellbeing
  • innovative learning methodologies

ISTUD is member of EFMD, ABIS and subscribes the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) UN Global Compac. It has managed different international projects funded by EU and other relevant international donors (World Bank, IFC, ETF)