South European Research Center (SEERC)

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0030 2310 253477


24, Proxenou Koromila Street,

54622, Thessaloniki, Greece

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Prof. Panayiotis H. KETIKIDIS

Short Organization Description

SEERC is an overseas research centre of the University of Sheffield, established as a non-profit legal entity in Thessaloniki, Greece. The centre was founded by City College, the University’s International Faculty, in 2003. It is conducting multidisciplinary research in the fields of Enterprise, Innovation & Development, Information & Communication Technologies, and Society & Human Development. Please, feel free to browse through SEERC’s past and current projects in our website  .

Research at SEERC is organised along three research tracks:

  1. Enterprise, Innovation and Development
  2. Information and Communication Technologies
  3. Society and Human Development: Psychology, Politics, Sociology and Education

Within each of these areas, SEERC has developed multiple research groups focusing their expertise on specific sets of questions. In line with the international visionestablished for the centre, each research group is composed at its base ofresearchers from the University of Sheffield and from CITY College, and is open toadditional members coming from universities, research centres, and think tanksthroughout Europe. Since its establishment in 2003, SEERC has consolidated its structures and has put in place procedures –administrative and strategic- for the planning of its key activities,which include:

ƒ Collaborative Research: SEERC participates and coordinates a great number of research projects and collaborations within international consortia, funded through EU sources as well as through foundations and national funding agencies. These projects address issues of importance to the South East European region and beyond, and cover a range of diverse and often cross-disciplinary research topics.

ƒ Doctoral Programme: SEERC hosts the Doctoral Programme of the University of Sheffield in Thessaloniki. The programme offers the opportunity to study towards a PhD degree from the University of Sheffield, under joint supervision by academic staff from the University of Sheffield and CITY College. The programme currently numbers more than 30 Students (full-time and part-time) coming from numerous countries throughout Europe.

ƒ Networking / Events: Each year SEERC organises numerous international or regional conferences and workshops within Greece and other countries of South East Europe, which aim at bringing together experts in a range of topics relevant to SEERC’s research activities. Along with targeted networking missions to SEE countries, these events contribute to the establishment of SEERC as an important research institute and international think-tank in the region.

ƒ Publications: The outcomes from regional and international events organised by SEERC, or from funded research projects in which SEERC participates, are disseminated at an international scale through timely publications of books, bulletins, and more.