Simonyi Business and Economic Development Center, University of Pecs, Hungary

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Tel. number : 00 36 72 501 599
Address Hungary 7622, Pecs, Vasvari str. 4.
Vasvári P str. 4., Baranya county Pécs
Contact person: Zsolt Bedo *email address protected*

Short Organization Description

Uninversity of Pécs (UP – hereafter) is a 22,000 student university in Hungary with 10 faculties (disciplines). UP is a public higher education institution that was established first in Hungary. The UP’s main disciplinary fields that it has been able to achieve leading position in Hungary and is among the best in the region are medicine, engineering and business and economics.
The lead of the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity building activity within the UP is the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE – hereafter) with its Simonyi Business and Economics Development Center (Simonyi BEDC – hereafter). The FBE is a 3,500 student faculty in the field of business and economics as well, with a history of 40 years. In the area of business finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and management can be found, in regional economics the FBE has built up an internationally recognized capacity.
The Simonyi BEDC functions as an entrepreneurship center with a focus of sustainability and regional development. The Simonyi BEDC is imbedded in the FBE, has its curriculum, extra curriculum and off curriculum activities aligned to that of the FBE but extends its ecosystem beyond the boundaries of the FBE. Simonyi BEDC with its incubation programs that run all year long in three periods (spring, summer, winter) targets implementable ideas with business and social entrepreneurship perspectives and also helps SMEs with their innovative projects and export expansion. The incubation programs involve business students to allow them to participate in action learning experiences and also to facilitate the matchmaking between SMEs and business graduates to help employment in the region. Simonyi BEDC has been running its Summer Entrepreneurship Consulting Program for 10 years with Ohio University and many other participating HEIs with the support of the Charles Simonyi Foundation.
Simonyi BEDC pursues its mission with a wide range of stakeholders that it considers as members of its entrepreneurial ecosystem.