TUSUR University

Name of the organization: TUSUR University
Typology: University
Web site: http://www.tusur.ru/en/
Tel. number: +7 (3822) 51-08-04 GRATIS
Address: 40 Lenina Prospect, Tomsk, Russia 634050
City, Region: Tomsk
Country: Russia

THA Chapter Russia

Short Description of the organization

TUSUR University is a top Russian University of Technology in applied research with developed innovation infrastructure. It is a public university known for its programs in nanotechnology, telecommunication, electronics, and entrepreneurship education. It is a member of the Russian Association of Entrepreneurial Universities ranked in the top-ten universities in Russia in terms of innovative technologies and entrepreneurship indicators. On the road towards becoming an entrepreneurial university, TUSUR University is one of the first Russian universities to undertake reorganization as a whole institution and modify its mission to promote entrepreneurship education, innovation in technology, and knowledge commercialization. The university has an extensive infrastructure to ease the transition from an idea, to product development and the first product sales. The infrastructure includes a student business incubator, technological incubator, science park, knowledge commercialization office, patent office, marketing department, start-up consultation services, and an association of spin-off firms.

The association of spin-off firms, “UNIC”, is a high-tech innovation and technology cluster. It is a geographic concentration of the university as the core and the interconnected high-tech firms. “UNIC” is an interface between university research and its industrial application. The firms have R&D capabilities, innovative products, and complete production cycles, and get engaged in collaborative research projects with the university. In 2011, “UNIC” accounted for 80% of hi-tech revenues in the region, invested $14 million in TUSUR University, and earned $506 million in total revenues.

“UNIC” is a result of bottom up initiatives by TUSUR University’s leadership. Since 1999 to 2005, the university actively modernized its mission and stimulated the development of innovation infrastructure. The government’s initiatives followed up to assist the university’s vision and funded the establishment of its innovation infrastructure. In 2005, a science park, Tomsk Economic Zone, was established to assist innovation and product development in telecommunication, electronics, material science, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and medical technology