Webinar “Triple Helix for Newbies and How Institutions Can Enhance Effectiveness of TH Relationships”

THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2014, 9:30 – 11:00 am BST



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In this webinar, the Director of the research centre on Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development (BCNED), Dr. Emanuela Todeva will moderate a panel discussion examining the fundamental concepts of Triple Helix, or Government-Industry-University interactions, the essence of innovation and knowledge and technology transfer, the entrepreneurial behaviour that emerges within the Triple Helix model, and the critical role of institutions.

The key panellists are renowned academics in this field:

Prof. Henry Etzkowitz –  President of the Triple Helix Association, Editor-in-Chief of the Triple Helix Journal, Director International  Triple Helix Institute (ITHI), Palo Alto, USA, and Visiting Professor at Birkbeck College, University of London, UK.Prof. Mark Casson – Professor of Economics at Reading University, UK, Director of the Centre for Institutional Performance (CIP), Member of John H Dunning Centre for International Business, Centre for Economic History, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Centre for International Business History.

By taking this webinar attendees will be able to:

  • Learn about the origin and the most recent developments of the Triple Helix (TH) model
  • Understand the TH model and how it can be applied for managing Academia-Business-Government (ABG) interactions
  • Learn about institutional practices associated with innovation systems and how to engage with institutions to ignite innovation process
  • Explore the role of institutions as intermediaries and moderating agents for Triple Helix interactions
  • Understand the role and expectations of different innovation stakeholders in the public and the private sector
  • Reflect upon current government innovation policies and the strategic response by industry and universities
  • Learn from successful cases which critical actions across the Industry-University-Government interface can boost innovation at micro and macro scale.

The webinar is designed both for academics and practitioners that would like to get familiar with the Triple Helix model in theoretical and practical context. Attendees and Triple Helix practitioners will be able to discuss the scale of orchestration of relationships in Triple Helix interactions.

This webinar brings together leading academics, practitioners and knowledge transfer experts to share experiences and insights into the most effective use of institutions as a gateway to effective multi-lateral relationships.

REGISTRATION FEE: £ 40 which includes the access to the webinar and the annual THA regular individual membership.

THA members can join the webinar free of charge

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