Fondazione Rosselli, Torino, Italy


The Rosselli Foundation is an independent research institute and not-for-profit organization working in the social sciences, economic and political culture. Aims of the Rosselli Foundation is to promote the study of public policies with the contribution of all those scientists who believe in the social and economic potential of an interdisciplinary cognitive approach. Through constant meetings between economists, political scientists, psychologists, epistemologists, scholars of artificial intelligence and neuroscience Rosselli Foundation aims to provide answers to complex problems faced by both governments and national production systems. Placing research at the service of the growth of civil society and making strategic value to acquire knowledge as a competitive advantage for the country, the Rosselli Foundation fulfills its mission regardless of ideological, political or financial affiliations.

tel.: +39 (0)11 20 79083 / +39 (0)11 20 76257- fax +39 (0)11 7652613
e-mail: *email address protected*
Corso Giulio Cesare, 4 bis/B – 10152 Torino – Italia (IT)



International Institute of Triple Helix (IITH), Palo Alto and Beijing


With a regional innovation and development research remit, as a non-profit independent institution, IITH was born in Madrid in 2008, and rebuilt in Silicon Valley in 2012.
IITH main research focus is the triple helix of university-industry-government relationships, entrepreneurship education, formal and informal, and the gender dynamics of science and technology.
IITH assists academic institutions, localities and world regions in the transition to an entrepreneurial mindset through presentations, consulting, tours and workshops in Palo Alto, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

tel.: 1-650-561-4569
e-mail: *email address protected*
1520 Sand Hill Road, A210, Palo Alto, CA94304, USA
No.1, Jinfang Road, 1311, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, 100012