Key Action 3 – Initiatives for policy innovation – European policy experimentation – EACEA 34/2015

Typology Call for proposal
Granting Authority EC EACEA
Geographic area EU, EFTA/EEA, EU candidates countries
Programme ERASMUS+
Strand/Action Key Action 3 – Initiatives for policy innovation – European policy experimentation – EACEA 34/2015
Budget for the concerned call EUR 14 000 000
Max duration of the project 24-36 (42) months
% co-financing max. 75%, max. EUR 2 000 000
Deadline 14/04/2016 – 12:00 (CET/CEST, Brussels time)
Eligible partners Public authorities (ministry or equivalent) responsible for education, training or youth at the highest level in the
relevant national or regional context (corresponding to NUTS codes 1 or 2; for countries where NUTS codes 1 or 2 are not available, the highest NUTS code available applies. Responsible public authorities for sectors other than education, training and youth (e.g. employment, finance, social affairs, home affairs, justice, health, etc.) are consid­ered eligible as long as they demonstrate that they have a specific competence in the area in which the experimenta­tion is to be carried out. Public authorities can delegate to be represented by other public or private organisations,
as well as by legally established networks or associations of public authorities, provided that the delegation is in writing and makes explicit reference to the proposal being submitted.

Public or private organisations or institutions active in the fields of education, training or youth Public or private organisations or institutions carrying out activities linked to education, training and/or youth in other socioeconomic sectors (e.g. public authorities, agencies or services responsible for: education, training, youth, employment, social affairs, home affairs, justice, quality assurance, recognition and/or validation; career guidance, chambers of commerce, business and social partners, trade organisations, civil society, cultural or sport organisa­
tions, evaluation or research entities, media, etc.)

Partnership requirements The minimum partnership composition requirement for this call is: 4 entities representing 3 eligible countries. For specific details see Part 2. of the Call.
Objective of the call and expected impact European policy experimentations under Erasmus+ key action 3 (Support for policy reform) — initiatives for policy innovation are transnational cooperation projects supporting the implementation of the European Union policy agendas on education, training and youth, including sector-specific agendas such as the Bologna and Copenhagen
The general objective of this call for proposals is to promote the improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of education and training systems and youth policies through the collection and evaluation of evidence on the systemic impact of innovative policy measures. This call requires the involvement of high-level public authorities of the eligible
countries and the use of sound and widely recognised evaluation methods based on field trials (experimentation).
The specific objectives of this call are to:
Promote trans-national cooperation and mutual learning among public authorities at the highest institutional level of the eligible countries in order to foster systemic improvement and innovation in the education, training and youth fields, Enhance the collection and analysis of substantive evidence to ensure the successful implementation of innovative
measures, Facilitate the transferability and scalability of innovative measures.
Eligible actions/activities Eligible activities should be in line with Annex 1. The field trials must take place at least in three countries
whose ministries (or delegated entities) are involved in the project. Only activities taking place in eligible countries (see Section11) will be considered eligible for funding. Any costs relating to activities undertaken outside these countries or by organisations that are not registered in the eligible countries are not eligible unless they are necessary for the completion of the project and duly explained and justified in the application form. Any Amendment to the activities that involves other countries than the eligible countries must have the prior specific authorization from the Agency.
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