Knowledge and Technology Transfer

All around the world, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer play key role in enabling countries and actors in competing on global markets and maintaining the well-functioning innovation systems. However, in most part of the world, there is a low level of co-operation between science and industry. Therefore, the core objective of the Triple Helix Association’s SIG on Knowledge and Technology Transfer is to establish strong ties and a self-sustaining cooperation between University Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) and further actors of the scientific, economic and public sphere through the establishment of a common understanding of the transfer process; analysis of the current transfer situation, IP portfolio management, as well as creating an transnational network of renowned researchers in this field.

Motivated by the above, Knowledge and Technology Transfer SIG aims to promote the scientific dialogue and facilitate the capacity-building in facilitate knowledge and technology transfer as well as the commercialization among Triple Helix actors, globally.


György Kovacs, *email address protected* ,  HUNGARY

Attorney at Law Senior lecturer in law / Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Law-and Political Sciences, Department of Constitutional Law and European Law Member of the Executive Board / European Network of American Alumni Associations, Hungarian Fulbright Association Member of the Supervisory Board / Hungarian-American Fulbright Foundation


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Agenda and Vision (2019-2020)

1. Masterclass on IP Management and Technology Transfer: Members of the SIG in close cooperation with guest lecturers will host 2 x 60 minutes masterclass addressed to intellectual property on trademarks, designs and patents, and copyright issues. The masterclass will enable participants to develop a detailed understanding of all aspects of IP and its relationship with business, culture and the economy. Through the help of the speakers invited, participants will also develop sound practical skills on how to apply IPR in the academic as well as business environment. Pilot Masterclass to be held at the framework of the Tampere THA event and following webinar planned in Q3 of 2020. Participants will learn about:

  • protecting and defending IP – at home and abroad
  • searching trademark, design and patent registers
  • the role of the IP attorney and when to seek professional advice
  • understanding other people’s IP and how to avoid trouble
  • understanding how to communicate with industry sector
  • understanding the deadlines and international protection PCT
  • when and why should the university protect internationally some technologies?
  • TH Scenario planning game

2. Intensifying the relationship with entrepreneurial universities: Members of the SIG will map and identify Entrepreneurial Universities globally. For instance, in Hungary, in several areas, from the medical university to technical universities (some with focus on the automotive sector) are potential partners, who could be attracted to join THA membership as institutional members. Inviting Industry practitioners to join the THA and create regional forums. E.g. Central-East European, Latin American, etc.

3. Participation at international conferences, events (2 per year): Members of the SIG will join as speakers conferences and events in the area of IPR Management and Technology Transfer, disseminating news about THA and attractive new partners, potential members. Participating at THA events, introducing the work of the SIG, inviting new members.

4. Joint publications in scientific peer reviewed journals: At least 2 joint publications by SIG members will be published annually on the mainstream research areas of knowledge and technology transfer in prominent, peer-reviewed journals. Mapping university TTO best practices (case studies), by a comparative study of their internal rules and regulations, in countries of SIG members as a starting point, and disseminating research results among THA membership and academia, thereby increasing visibility of THA and attracting potential new partners, members.

5. Shaping the EU IPR landscape (joining European Commission expert groups and forums): Members of the SIG will discover the various opportunities available to join the European Commission experts groups related to IPR and Technology Transfer.

Who should join?

The group welcomes individuals with the following knowledge, know-how and/or experience:

  • Individuals who have experience in working with Espacenet or other patent databases. Access and cooperation of other TTOs may be required. In some countries, the national patent office may be able to help provide some of the data.
  • Individuals with experience and knowledge of measuring technology transfer outputs as well as people from the EU – DG Research and Innovation
  • Individuals who have experience in measuring knowledge transfer in the SME sector as well as a large network of SME’s who’d be willing to participate in such a project


If you would like to join this Thematic Research Group in its collaboration activities, please e-mail a request to both *email address protected* and *email address protected*


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