National Innovation Systems and Models


Mr Rahmat Ullah, *email address protected*PAKISTAN

Mr. Rahmat Ullah is a research scholar in management with specialized focus on innovation, triple helix and technology development. He is also working under capacity of Secretary General, South Asia Triple Helix Association (SATHA). He has managed development of number of technologies and initiated many industries-driven projects in the universities of Pakistan. Mr. Rahmat is a regular trainer in research methods and consultant for innovation and technology development for academia, industry and R&D organizations. Currently, he serves Institute of Research Promotion as chief coordinator.

Professor Luiz Márcio Spinosa, *email address protected*, BRAZIL

Full professor and researcher at Pontifical Catholic University of Parana (BR) and Innovation Coordinator in the Brazilian Institute for Quality and Productivity (BR). His research focuses on the understanding of regional and national innovation ecosystems; new innovation paradigms; innovation ecosystems policies, management practices and processes. He has over 20 years of experience in managing innovation agency, technopark, R&D institute and several national and international projects, as well as registration of softwares, systems and databases.


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Agenda and Vision

The group will focus its activities and research on the following sub-themes:

  • New Innovation Paradigms
  • Innovation Policy
  • Innovation Ecosystems
  • Cross-country Comparisons of National Innovation Systems

The group will enhance discussion, debate and cross-fertilization on the above listed topics  by mean of special events, workshops and webinars; and will foster  theoretical developments and practical achievements by mean of research and implementation projects.

For more detailed information on the challenges the group intends to address, look at its Vision statement.

Action plan 2019-2020

  • Webinars on Successful Innovation Models. 4 webinars on Innovation Systems and Models will be organized  till December 2020 presenting various case studies on innovation systems
  • Case Studies  on Innovation System and Models. The SIG will write one case study as smart document on one innovation system for publication in Helice, the THA quarterly magazine.
  • Smart Videos on Innovation System and Models.  Based on the written case studies, the SIG will produce a series of short videos showing how innovation works . The video will be put on youtube and linked to webpage of SIG on THA.

Ongoing activities

Latest activities

Todeva, Emanuela (2015), RIO Country Report Bulgaria 2014, JRC Science and Policy Report, European Commission, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies

Webinar “Developing Innovation Ecosystems in the Triple Helix context”, 24th Sept 2015