PhD Students & Early Career Researchers Special Interest Group

, A springboard for new researchers in Triple Helix



Rabii OUTAMHA is a PhD candidate in management science with particular interests in university-industry relationships and knowledge environment. Prior to doctoral studies, he got a bachelor’s degree in economics and management and a master degree in Strategy and Innovation’s Management, from University Hassan II in Casablanca. His journey with Triple Helix Association started at the second Triple Helix Summit which took place in Dubai 2018, he became a member of the association few weeks later and took part of several activities. In 2019, Rabii was invited as a speaker in the Triple Helix Conference in Cape Town – South Africa, and participated in the European Triple Helix Congress in Thessaloniki – Greece.
Research is not the only area which Rabii is active, he is a music producer composing Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz, as well as he is a martial artist seeking ancient wisdom of great warriors. Passionate by three areas of interests, he became a Triple Helix individual who dedicated his life to research, music and martial arts.

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“I will be the reminder of what Triple Helix Association can offer, so you could benefit the most”

Rabii Outamha


Mission & Vision

Triple Helix Association is the leading platform for both individuals and organisations who are interested in Triple Helix Model and related themes, An open space for interaction between academics, policy makers, and practitioners through the multiple activities which the association coordinates such as (conferences, summits, webinars, workshops…). However, we observed that members – especially PhD students and early careers who are still discovering themselves within research – do not benefit from what the association can offer. Consequently, we created this group aiming to help them for fully integrating the Triple Helix community by offering assistance and mentoring, in order to join intellectually the community, get more visibility and contribute to the platform.

As a long-term goal, we aim to promote Triple Helix research through the members of the group.

  • Expand the Triple Helix community by recruiting PhD students and early career researchers who are willing to contribute to Triple Helix research.
  • Mentoring and tutoring of the new members
  • Foster joint research projects and co-authoring among THA members;
  • Establish connections with members’ respective institutions (laboratories, research centres…etc.) to suggest Triple Helix and related topics as research themes to be included in their agenda;
  • Organize PhDs special sessions at the THA events (TH Conference and Summit) for pressing the results of the SIG or any relevant thematic research/work/project;
  • Organize a webinar per year on a specific research topic relevant for the SIG members;
  • Send at least one contribution per year for Helice, either for reporting the work of the SIG or for presenting the results of a specific project undertaken by SIG members;
  • Work on new research trajectories/new theme related to the future of Triple Helix, and organize PhDs special sessions at the THA events (TH Conference and Summit) for present the results of point 1.


Whom should join?

PhD students and early careers (5 years and less after graduation), who’s active in Triple Helix research or any related theme such as (university-industry linkages, responsible research and innovation, entrepreneurial universities, innovation ecosystems, knowledge environment…etc.).