Triple Helix Chapter Brazil


*The Triple Helix Chapter in Brazil is moving to a new institution and the chapter application is under evaluation*

Established: July 2013
Termination of the mandate: 15th July 2015

The Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators – ANPROTEC

ANPROTEC is comprised of private and public members with professionals that actively promote innovative enterprises and technology-based business, by means of innovation habitats and value-added services.

Over twenty-five years, Anprotec has disseminated state-of-the-art knowledge on innovative entrepreneurship promotion, creation and nurturing of new ventures, planning and management of innovation ecosystems, and related subjects. The outcomes for the members include publications (magazine, academic journal, books, teaching material, e-news), capacity building (from basic courses to MBA), content and networking venues (annual seminar and workshop, international conferences, regional and thematic meetings, technical missions), good practices models (toolkits, national award, reference centres, consultancy), and assessment systems.

We have expanded constantly for more than two decades of continuous operation, both in number of members and scope of activities, becoming an institutional reference for entrepreneurship and innovation in Brazil. Nowadays, Anprotec is the hub of a vibrant globally connected movement, with regional and state networks throughout the country. It comprises of 400 incubators and thirty science and technology parks in operation, involving 6,500 innovative firms. Eighty per cent of the top Brazilian universities have at least one incubator, and many are involved in the establishment of science and technology parks, helping to overcome the so-called academy-industry gap.

Our plans for Triple Helix Brazil Chapter for the next two years are attracting new members; the organization of meetings; stimulating the interaction between universities, enterprises, and government, and disseminating studies and reports through an association magazine and via various means of communication. To certify a wide communication and visibility of Chapter Brazil, a banner will be created on our website immediately. To explore financial resources and the organization of a conference, we will work on the submission of a project. A team of support and consultants will be established to work during the start-up phase of the institutional Chapter to develop strategies and plans to ensure the outgoing of activities.

We are certain that the development of these activities will contribute decisively to the recognition and consolidation of Triple Helix Chapter Brazil, spreading across the country the principles defended by the organizations, which are shared by Anprotec and its associates. Our expectation, therefore, is that this process is a breakthrough in the history of both the THA and Anprotec, adding even more achievements as successful trajectories built by both institutions.