THA Chapters

The Triple Helix Association Chapter are “local hub” promoted by an existing organization (universities and affiliated units, research institutions, business schools and other public and private bodies) or a group of people (represented by a legal person) committed to become the local interface of the THA and the center of TH debate in their own countries

The THA encourages the creation of chapters for mainstreaming TH research and developments and for igniting, feeding and further developing local interactions with and among TH actors, thus strengthening the Association reach and impact.

The THA Chapters aim to promote THA ideas and activities for:

  • Getting visibility and recognition for the THA, as the pioneer of the Triple helix debate
  • Stimulating TH Knowledge production
  • Enhancing TH knowledge sharing and dissemination
  • Widening THA participation and membership base

If you are interested in setting up a THA Chapter, give a look at the existing Chapters (Kazakhstan, Greece, Russia, Brazil, South Asia) and if your country is not cover, consult the Guidelines for applicants and submit your application to:

Juan Bertolin,  Co-Chair of the Marketing and Membership Committee, *email address protected*
Maria Laura Fornaci, Executive Director, *email address protected*