Book “The Triple Helix of Innovation in Israel”

The Helix Model of Innovation in Israel: The Institutional and Relational Landscape of Israel’s Innovation Economy

Editor: Prof. Gili S. Drori with Prof. Henry Etzkowitz
Contributors: Ohad Barkai, Amy Ben-Dor, Navah Berger, Alexandr Bucevschi, Noga Caspi, Avida Netivi

This book is the outcome of an annual undergraduate seminar, titled “the sociology of innovation, entrepreneurship, and networks,” offered at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem during the 2011-12 academic year.
Captivated by the systemic and relational perspective encapsulated in the Triple Helix Model, which was outlined in the 1990s by Henry Etzkowitz, we decided to evaluate the applicability of this model to
Israel’s innovation system. We quickly came to the conclusion that Israel’s celebrated innovation system is more complex than the model outlines: whereas the Triple Helix focuses on the triadic relations
among industry, government and academia, in Israel additional “helices” are integral strands of innovation. Based this critique, we specified such additional helices that are most relevant for Israel’s
innovation economy and we divided the research of these various helices among us. The outcome is offered here is, therefore, an exploratory study of the institutional components of Israel’s innovation
system and of the integrative relations among these components. In this way, our joint work here is in conversation with several contemporary social science discussions: on national innovation systems, on Israel’s innovation economy, and on networks and organizational hybridity.

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