Webinar “Accelerators and High-Tech Campuses”, 10th July 2018

During the latest THA webinar  “Accelerators and High-Tech Campuses” delivered on 10th July 2018, by Jeff Wallace, Keynote Speaker / International Startup Advisor / President, Global Kinetics / Angel Investor / Batchery / SVIYP, San Francisco Bay Area  and Mariianne Crary System Entrepreneur Leader,  San Francisco Bay Area, we have discussed the nuts and bolts of the Silicon Valley Startup innovation ecosystem, with specific concerns on the following issues

▪ Silicon Valley Facts

▪ Sustaining vs Disruptive Innovation

▪ Distinctive Culture in Silicon Valley

▪ Investor Expectations in the Valley

▪ On-Campus Incubator & Accelerator examples (Berkeley)

▪ Successful Tech Transfer in the Valley (Stanford)

▪ New ways to be entangled with Silicon Valley’s ecosystem


 You can access from this page the slides  of  THA webinar.

Presentation Understanding Success Factors in the Silicon Valley Style Startup Culture–  Jeff Wallace & Mariianne Crary

Contact details:

Mariianne Crary: *email address protected*

Jeff Wallace: *email address protected*