Webinar – Boosting Innovative European Startups through the Triple Helix, 26th November 2019

During our latest webinar “Boosting Innovative European Startups through the Triple Helix“, delivered on 26th November 2019, by  Dr Bartosz KalinowskiAssistant Professor at the Faculty of Management / Centre of Excellence in Research “Knowbase”; University of Lodz, Poland and by Hans LoddersIndependent program manager and management consultant, former manager of the Hilversum Media Campus in the Netherlands,  and chaired by Dr Dimitri Corpakis, former EU official and Innovation Adviser,  we have discussed pathways & strategies to establish innovative startups within the the EU by handling complexities such as digitalization, responsibility & environmental sustainability, media & creative industries.

After an introduction from the Chair, offering an overview of the performance of the EU innovation system and the EU “startups revolution”, our speakers presented respectively the final results of an EU survey, implemeted in the framework of the Erasmus+ Project DIGIGrent, involving a sample of companies (both startups and SMEs) from Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain, for investigating the perceived importance of specific skills in the management, digital and invironmental/green domains for boosting company development; and a practical case from a Dutch media cluster exemplifying how the Triple Helix model was operationalized for re-launching the cluster’s competitiveness and grasping the opportunities offered by new media technologies.

Our speakers concluded the webinar offering some reccomendations for improving the development of innovative startups in the EU:

  • Digital revolution is massive and without digital skills we will not be able to do business in the near future.  The EU Higher and Vocational education systems have a strategic role in filling the digital skill shortage, by findind mechanisms to detect them and respond in a timely fashion to the rapidly evolving labour market requests;
  • To boost EU gazzeles  it is crucial to look not just at the support in the startup phase  but also to find effective support mechanisms in the scale-up stage, such as access to finance and soft skills development.


Presentation_Bartosz Kalinowski

Presentation_Hans Lodders

We invite the webinar attendees and all our Community to proceed sharing toughts and asking questions to Bartosz Kalinowski and  Hans Lodders either via email or via our THA Linkedin group