Are government incentives driving and intensifying firm´s innovation capabilities in Mexico?

From XIII Triple Helix Conference 2015

Are government incentives driving and intensifying firm´s innovation capabilities in Mexico?

Nunez-Merchand, A., Pérez-Hernández P., Sánchez Aguilar Adolfo, Calderon-Martinez Ma. Guadalupe

Key Words: firm innovation, innovation initiatives, and public policy effects

The analysis of innovation has become a complex issue, since innovation is an interactive process, with no linear and systemic interrelationship (Cooke, 1996). Within the system of innovation are different stakeholders who participate in the innovation process and system that may influence interaction and collaboration among them. For instance, Sunitiyoso (2012) formulates a holistic and dynamic approach in formulating and develop policies to address nation’s problems that have to do with stakeholder’s interactions and interrelations with each other. Such interactions are between universities, government agencies, ministries and industries in order to identify problem and find solutions to formulate better policies. Those approaches among others point out that innovation is not only dependent on firms, since interactions among stakeholders comprehend social and economic context, equally incentivizing policies plays an important outcomes in the whole innovation system. On the other hand, enterprises innovation capacities are traditionally measure and intensely research since condition inside and outside organizations influence the development of firms’ innovation. The capacity of innovation of a firm is also a complex process that is influence by internal and external factors. Innovation obstacles are extensively examined in a country perspective, likewise firm’s position, where firm´s innovation capacities are studied and comprehend by several approaches.  For instance, Elmquist, Le Masson (2009) and Guan and Ma, (2003) establish that innovative capability allows the organization to adapt to competition, the market and environment. Since innovation is a driver for economic growth and social impact, innovation allows to be studied from several perspectives. Afterward, the purpose of this paper is to have a general outlook and understanding of enterprise innovation activities and recognise how firms interact in the innovation national system, additionally this study focus in the effects of one of the leading government incentives that was specifically design for enterprises. To make this possible, macro data, including reports.  Several government sources were used to analyse government funds such external outcomes assessments. Due to the fact of lacking of information and data availability, enterprises where studied by main industrial sectors such as primary, secondary and tertiary segments. It was not possible to study and compare each sector because information was not reported completely.

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