Attracting financial resources to Entrepreneurial University: the role of crowdfunding

From the XIII Triple Helix Conference 2015

Attracting financial resources to Entrepreneurial University: the role of crowdfunding 

Prof. Roberto Parente, Dr. Rosangela Feola, Ezio Marinato, Valentina Cucino

Keywords: Entrepreneurial University; innovation; financing; crowdfunding.


Crowdfunding have recently drawn the attention of both scholars and professionals as an outstanding financial tool. From its birth, because of its evolutionary nature, this financial mechanism has experienced a lot of changes, with a common driver: the capability to adapt the crowdfunding model to many different fields. In this study, the authors focalize their attention on the relation between crowdfunding and academia, especially looking at the perspective in attracting financial resources to jumpstart the academic spin off in their pre-seed stage. The proposed research model is an exploratory study to analyze the role of crowdfunding in financing academic spin off. Following the evidence from the literature review and the state of the art analysis, the authors aim to build a case study research (Eisenhardt, 1989; Yin, 2009) through the observation (Burgess, 2002) of some Italian University and Academic/University Spin Off behavior among different crowdfunding models and platforms. Because of the newness of the topic, the case study approach is expected to capture the complexity of the phenomenon, starting with an heuristic investigation.

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