Book “Beyond the nudge”

Author: Prof. Riccardo Viale

Publisher: Il Mulino
EAN: 9788815275004

We are rational beings, but with a rationality limited by the uncertainty of the environment and the characteristics of our mind. This dual condition leads us to make decisions that are sometimes imperfect from an economic point of view. Not only in the private sector: even as citizens we are subject to many deviations from rationality. In this regard the Nobel Prize winner for economics Richard H. Thaler and the jurist Cass Sunstein coined the term “nudge”: to indicate a “gentle push” that the State can provide in order to make us make effective decisions in several crucial areas of our life, such as health (making or not making vaccines) and the economy (signing a supplementary pension or not). In presenting a new version of the «nudge», updated to the recent discoveries of behavioral sciences, the book illustrates the cognitive processes that underpin the success of strategies and policies useful to our well-being and happiness.

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