XIV International Triple Helix Conference – 25-27 September 2016 DKFZ Heidelberg Germany


Track 1. Entrepreneurial University and Its Socio-Economic Impact
Track 2. Entrepreneurial University and Regional Innovation Systems
Track 3. Science Parks and Incubators – New Frontiers
Track 4. Measuring Social and Economic Impacts of Science and Technology Parks
Track 5. Regional Dimensions of Triple Helix – Clusters, Cities and Geographic Boundaries
Track 6. Innovation Clusters and Cluster Initiatives as Practical Implementation of Triple Helix Collaboration
Track 7. Boosting Innovation & Growth Through University-Industry Co-Creation
Track 8. Individuals in the Triple Helix
Track 9. Business Led Triple Helix and the New Role of Government
Track 10. The Impact of Global Information Flows on Triple Helix Interactions and University-Industry Relationships
Track 11. Are we facing a New Generation of National Innovation Systems?
Track 12. Advancing New Models and Tools for Knowledge Transfer
Track 13. Triple Helix Model and Knowledge Creation in Developing Countries
Track 14. Triple Helix: Gender, Entrepreneurship & Diversity
Track 15. Measuring the Strength of Triple Helix
Track 16. Science and Art of Triple Helix
Track 17. Triple Helix and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in the Light of Complexity and Evolutionary Ecology
Track 18. Social Innovation – Is there a Role for Universities?
Track 19. The Sovereignty Drift in Academia: The Impact of Traditional and Emergent Hierarchies and Power-Asymmetries on Academic Life and Academic Performance
Track 20. Triple Helix and Governance

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Special Events