Working Papers


The Working Paper Series (WPS) is the forum for THA members to share and discuss the work-in-progress papers that address any aspect or implication of the interaction between academy, industry and government and related issues of innovation and entrepreneurship, science and technology policy.

Its scope is to contribute to improve, evolve and mature the on-going papers by mentoring and/or engaging the Triple Helix Community in a scholarly discussions and intellectual exchanges during a short period of time in an accelerated process.

We are interested on novel PhDs` papers, revised conference or not yet ready journal   publication papers, In any case, the WPS is willing to mentor  and/or provide insightful comments to author(s) before the paper is sent out for publication.

In order to achieve this target, we kindly ask for generous researchers that want to share their expertise to join the mentoring activity. The mentoring is done on voluntary basis, for a maximum of 2 papers per year, and the mentors will be acknowledged in the site and will be included in the WPS Editorial Committee. We appeal for your support, please, send your interest to: *email address protected*

The process is inspired in an acceleration model as shown below:

wps time line

Your comments or suggestions to improve the WPS are very welcome: *email address protected*

WPS Chair


Adjunct Prof. Yuzhuo Cai, FINLAND

Yuzhuo Cai is a senior lecturer and adjunct professor at the Higher Education Group (HEG), School of Management, University of Tampere, Finland, and was the acting professor of HEG during August 2013-July 2014. He is currently a guest professor at the Institute of International and Comparative Education, Beijing Normal University, China. His main teaching and research areas are organisation theory, higher education administration, transformation of universities in innovation systems, and internationalisation of higher education, with extensive publications in the fields.

WPS Co-Chair

Dr. Rhiannon Pugh, FINLAND

Rhiannon Pugh is a research fellow in economic geography at the Department of Social and Economic Geography at Uppsala University, Sweden. Previously she worked at Lancaster University and the University of Wales in the UK, and completed her PhD at Cardiff University School of Planning and Geography. Her research focused on the governance of regional economic development, such as innovation and economic development policy, and the role of universities as regional drivers. Her PhD examined twenty years of innovation policy in Wales and reflected on the applicability of key theories of regional innovation in a weaker region setting. She is especially interested in “less-favored” regions such as the post-industrial, weaker, and peripheral.


Interested authors should email their papers as a ‘word document’ file to the WPS Chair and Co-Chair at *email address protected* and *email address protected* for a review, feedback and publication

Posting a paper on this site does not preclude simultaneous or subsequent publication elsewhere. The copyright of a working paper is held by the author. Authors will be allowed to remove their work from the WPS page once published in a Journal or other Scientific publication. 


WPS Editorial Committee:

Maria Jose Herrero Villa, Science Park of the University Carlos III
Anne Rocha Perazzo, Managing Editor Triple Helix Journal
Juan A. Bertolin, Espaitec
Yuzhuo Cai, University of Tampere


WPS mentors

Burbridge photoMike Burbridge is currently a PHD student at Curtin University Sustainability (CUSP) Institute looking into how business, government and academia can together innovate to deliver a low carbon future. Prior to his studies he has worked on sustainable development for 25 years in government (UK and Australia) business (UK) and academia (Australia) where he was the Executive Director of the Australian Sustainable Development Unit. He left this post to study as he was sure there is a better way for universities, industry and government to work together to deliver mutual benefits. He got his undergraduate degree from University College London and his Masters at the Environmental Change Institute University of Oxford.


WP 1, 2012
Silicon Valley-The Sustainability of an Innovative Region
Henry Etzkowitz, Stanford University
Number of views: 4833. Number of downloads: 1197

WP 2, 2012
A Sleeping Giant
Danilo Piaggesi1; Dianne Davis; Walter Castelnovo
Number of views: 3447. Number of downloads: 445

WP 1, 2013
Triangulation of the Triple Helix: a Conceptual Framework
Luis Farinha and João J. Ferreira
Number of views: 34019. Number of downloads: 589

WP 2, 2013
Scientists, Citizens and Civil Society: The Stem Cell Innovation Crisis and the Making of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)
Henry Etzkowitz and Annika Rickne
Number of views: 2945. Number of downloads: 211

 WP 1, 2014

awardsymbol_THAThe Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Triple Helix Policies and Programmes in Wales
Rhiannon Pugh
Number of views: 3618. Number of downloads: 330

WP 2, 2014
Technion as entrepreneurial university. The Technion influence on innovative business in Israel
Talovskaia Bela, National Research Tomsk State University
Number of views: 795. Number of downloads: 48

WP 3, 2014
Building the Multi-centered Industry-university Collaboration in Three Layers for Promoting Regional Economy-A Case Study of Top Layer Design of Triple Helix in Southeast University
Juan Chen a*, Liangliang Huab, Jianqing Li b, c,Department of Philosophy and Science, Southeast University, Nan Jing
Number of views: 609. Number of downloads: 0

WP 4, 2014
University as a part of territorial innovation ecosystem in the Kaliningrad region
Vladimir V. Volkov, leading specialist at the Department for Innovation Activities, Kaliningrad State Technical University, Kaliningrad, Russia (KSTU)
Number of views: 1092. Number of downloads: 0

WP 1, 2015
A Triple Helix Model of Medical Innovations
Alexander M. Petersen, Daniele Rotolo, Loet Leydesdorff
Number of views: 790. Number of downloads: 0

WP 2, 2015
Innovation Strategy Choice: A Lesson from California for the future of Europe
Henry Etzkowitz, Alex Etzkowitz
Number of views: 458. Number of downloads: 0

WP 3, 2015
Triple Helix in Value Co-Creation in Vegetables Cluster Development
Tomy Perdana, Eddy Renaldi, Iwan Setiawan and Nono Carsono
Number of views: 392. Number of downloads: 0

WP 1, 2017
GEUM White Paper – Metrics for the Entrepreneurial University
For info on the GEUM and Authors:
Number of views: 317. Number of downloads: 0