THA at the 10th International Conference on Science, Technology and Education Policy

The 10th International Conference on Science, Technology and Education Policy took place in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, Nov 21-22, 2015. The 2015 meeting theme, “Entrepreneurial University: Global Perspectives and Best Practice”, encouraged attendees to focus on the discussion about the theoretical frontiers and successful experience of entrepreneurial university. The conference was hosted by Chinese Academy of Engineering and Zhejiang University, and organized by Research Institute of Development Strategy of Zhejiang University. Guokai Wu, Vice Executive Secretary of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Yanning Liu, Vice President of China High-tech Industrialization Association attended the conference. This year Call for Submissions elicited nearly 200 paper submissions. With a total of 256 total attendees from and 10 distinguished keynote speakers from five countries, the 2015 Meeting in Hangzhou boasted a full discussion on the topics of Entrepreneurial University Metrics, Construction mode and path of entrepreneurial university, Entrepreneurial university in sector innovation/regional innovation system, global practice experience about entrepreneurial university construction. Created for participation by all attendees, the co-chair of the conference Henry Etzkowitz (President of the International Triple Helix Association) and ZOU Xiaodong (Vice President of Zhejiang University) recognized several of the most prestigious awards presented at the meeting, including 2 best papers and 3 excellent papers. The conference brought together researchers interested in developing consensus on Entrepreneurial University Metrics and provided some good suggestions for the practice of entrepreneurial university.


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Henry      ZOU Xiaodong

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