A pool of THA members has been awarded by the EC of an ERASMUS+ grant to implement the NETMib Project!

The consortium led by the Simonyi Business and Economic Development Center of the University of Pecs (HU) and composed of other 5 THA members, namely SEERC (GR), ESPAITEC (ES), Tampere University (FI), Fondazione Rosselli (IT), North Carolina University (USA), with the THA supporting the dissemination activities as associated partner, will be given a grant by the ERASMUS PLUS programme to implement the NETMib project!

The project aims to set up a virtual incubation programme by internationally connecting HEIs action learning curriculum in the area of idea and business model generation to support the implementation of products and services that answer regional, country specific or international needs, problems for all members of the knowledge triangle.

The direct target group of the project is universities that strive to achieve stronger Triple Helix relations and economic impact on their regions. The NetMIB will equip HEIs  with cutting edge, action learning teaching methodology and toolkit that will allow these HEIs to establish their own Triple Helix Model within their region and also to connect to a vibrant, high quality network of entrepreneurial HEIs.

The indirect beneficiaries of the NetMIB project are (1) the students with marketable business ideas studying at the participating HEIs irrespective of their disciplinary area; (2) business students, who join the development of the business idea proposed by a fellow students to establish a validated business model; (3) faculty members, who participate in the incubation of student ideas as mentors or lecturers; (4) business professionals, SME owners, nonprofits, public employees, who get involved in the development process as speakers, mentors or judges of the projects and receive new, creative impulses from the idea, or from the ideation process.

NETMib will be kicked off in the end of 2015.

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NETMib Project leader – Zsolt Bedo, Director of Simonyi Business and Economic Development Center of the University of Pecs  – email: *email address protected*


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