Arts gratia artis: Arts and Artists Roles in Knowledge-based Economic Development

Authors: Prof. Henry Etzkowitz, THA President and CEO/founder International Triple Helix Institute; Leila Maria Kehl, Voluntary Researcher for the Triple Helix Institute & International/Government Relations Associate at Plug & Play Tech Center
Abstract: The question how arts contribute to economy and society is fundamental to develop effective policies. By identifying sources and pathways of value creation by arts, clear entry points for policy action become identifiable. This article uses comparative case studies to derive a typology of arts value: arts as creativity, arts as knowledge production and arts as economic input. Eschewing dichotomy: commercial use on the one edge and cultural on the other, in favor of  continuum,  allowed a mapping tool showing the proximity of  artistic industries to the economy. We discuss ways to improve the economic impact of PAVAM-D (performing arts, visual arts, music and design) as a complement to STEM, making way for a new generation of STEAM-based  cross-disciplinary “industrial” policy-making.

The paper will be presented  by the authors at the 100th Annual Meeting Southern Oregon University. Ashland, Oregon on June 18 – 21, 2019.
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