Brazil is calling for EU and American Universities!

The THA Brazilian Chapter (Anprotec) is looking for Universities with Science & Technology Parks, in Europe and USA, to host scholars of Post-Doctoral Internship Program that focused on the management of innovative environments, aiming to develop innovation in Science & Technology Parks.  The Post-Doctoral Internship Program (CAPES/PCTI) aims to provide capacity building in the universities park abroad, to foster the internationalization of Brazil’s ST&I, to encourage studies and research by Brazilians abroad, and to promote a significant increase in the exchange and mobility of scholars. This program offers a scholarship of €2.100 or USD 2.100/month, from 6 to 12 months.

The scopes of Internship are:

  1. Management of Science and Technology Parks;
  2. Research and publication of articles on relevant topics in this area, notably the University-Enterprise-Government interaction, Triple Helix model;
  3. Analysis of science, technology, economic and social development models resulting from projects in the area of innovative environments, especially Science & Technology Parks;
  4. Research on innovative environment, management and governance models.

Anprotec welcomes the interested Universities’ supervisors to send his/her contact, portfolio of the University Park and their requirements by February 10th @ *email address protected*

Further information on Brazilian Internship Program, download the open Call

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