Call for contributions for the 37th IASP World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation, 6-9 Oct. 2020 Seville

PCT Cartuja will host the 37th IASP Annual World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation in October 2020.
The conference will bring together experts in developing and managing innovation ecosystems and their main components such as Science and Technology Parks (STPs), Areas of Innovation (AOIs), innovation districts and hubs, together with technology-based incubators, academia, the public sector and business, to discuss and debate in depth the latest trends in our industry’s increasingly complex structures for professional innovation support.
To serve their companies and communities, these innovation ecosystems often collaborate and coordinate activities with different institutions and organisations, such as chambers of commerce, development and funding agencies, industry associations, networks, venture capital funds and of course with city policy makers. All of these institutions are welcome to make contributions to this conference.

Theme and Programme
The programme will be divided into a variety of sessions – retaining both the traditional plenary and parallel sessions on specific topics, as well as more innovative formats – to encourage a dynamic knowledge exchange. All conference sessions will be related to the overall theme for the 2020 IASP World Conference which has been set as:

 “THE HUMAN FACTOR: People, communities and their innovation ecosystems”

All these areas of innovation (STPs, innovation districts, etc.) are created to provide the best location, facilities and environment for the new types of companies that the global knowledge economy has brought to life: companies who have innovation, technology, research and a constant use and application of knowledge and creativity in their DNA.
Knowledge and technology are created and developed by individuals working within systems, networks, and organisations. The knowledge economy means that knowledge has become the greatest asset for companies that want to compete in the global market, overtaking the preeminent role that machines, big facilities and a large but less-educated workforce had in the classic industrial economy. The role of educated and skilled individuals, whom we began to call knowledge workers or the creative class, has become more important than ever before. Talent, skills and personal creativity, which are features conducive to knowledge and its transformation into products, services and a new business culture, have become the main asset for companies, but also for society in general. Accordingly, the new spaces built for today’s companies have to be designed with the needs and preferences of individuals in mind. In other words, to succeed in their mission innovation ecosystems cannot simply think of themselves as places for companies: more comprehensive and complex environments must be created to make them attractive to individuals as well.

At this conference, we want to gain deeper knowledge of the human factor in our industry. What are the strategic implications of adopting a human-centred philosophy? How does bearing individuals in mind as well as companies influence our hardware (landscaping, buildings, basic infrastructure…) and our software (networking, services, etc.)?

Important deadlines
Submission of abstracts        20th November 2019
Notification to authors          20th  January 2020
Submission of full papers     20th April 2020
Notification to authors         10th June 2020
Conference dates                    6th – 9th October 2020

Steering Committee Secretariat
For more information about the Call for Contributions process for the conference, please contact Francesca Antoniazzi at *email address protected*.

Download the Call for Contributions

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